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Модератор форума: Kievskiy  
[FS] In Game Object Editor [0.3]
^ScAreДата: Воскресенье, 27.12.2009, 10:28 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: I'm V.I.P.
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This is an ingame object editor filterscript maked by breadfish and edited by me for add new commands and features how menu of objects list,
that is very simple and very good filter script to edit very fast much objects at same time with various player into a same server construction or into game play, much stable is don't crash much is recommended for use to some other players, tanks for all to download!

This is basically an extended Version of the object editor script seen on youtube video maked by breadfish (Version Original!):

SA-MP Ingame Object-editor


Description of folders and files:

File "oed.pwn" - The source of the filter script.
File "oed.amx" - The filter script compiled for put and uses into server
Folder "list_objects" - This folder contains the files with all objects separated by category.
File "BREAD_OED.txt" - File contains a objects add into filterscript
Files "*.txt" - if located into folder list_objects is the list of objects separated by category where the name of file without extension is the name display at game and this name must be placed on file "index.ini" at same folder for add into menu. This file into format in all lines for works: "modelid-description", look at the existing files for more examples, more informations see edit into this topic.
File "index.ini" - This file contains the file names with objects without its file extension and this file which is responsible for access to others.

Put the folder "list_objects" into folder scriptfiles of your server and "oed.amx" into folder filterscripts for run into server at starts put into "server.cfg" in the line starts with filterscripts this name "oed" (without "") thereby "filterscripts oed".


For edit this filter open oed.pwn with any text editor there uses the "dutils.inc" and not more, the code are commented into english and the language native of breadfish.

To add more objects or rename any edit .txt located into folder "list_objects" if you need add or exclude any archive .txt put add or remove into file "index.ini" located as same folder, the menu dynamics supports any number of objects into any archive .txt but a limited number of archives names into "index.ini".

To use:

Uses IsPlayerAdmin(playerid), so you need to be logged into rcon to type then commands and uses menus:

* /oadd [modelid] [name] - Adds a new object next to the player and selects it or if don't type parameters open a menu with all objetcts
* /ocopy [name] - Creates a copy of currently selected object
* /odel - Deletes currently selected object and clears selection
* /omode [m_xy|m_z|r_xy|r_z] - Selects editing mode of currently selected object (move on map-X/Y Axis, move on map-Z-Axis, rotate on object-X/Y-Axis, rotate on object-Z-AXis
/onext - List the objects next to player
* /osel [object name] - Select object by name (the name you enterd for creating/copying an object)
* /ostick <distance> - Stick currently selected object to player to place it via player movement
* /orelease - Detach an object sticked to the player
* /ofaktor [faktor] - Set movement/rotation speed multiplier
/ohelp - display all commands into filter
/osaveall - save all objects into file BREAD_OED.TXT
/odesel - Deselect any object selected
* /ogoto [object name] - Go to a object with as same name

Commands marked with a * can also be accessed via a menu, you open it with the "Walk" key (Altl for me)

You start editing your selected object with the crouch-key (C for me), the camera then faces to the object and keeps tracking it when you move/rotate the object with your default Forward/Back/Left/Right Keys (or W,A,S,D)

Standing up again with pressing C again stops editing the objeckt with arrow keys and you can walk with your player to another position.

To save and use objects added:

All objects are saved automatic on edit then into a file into scriptfiles with name BREAD_OED.txt

Revisions History:

New Revision 6:
- Add a list of objects more used
- Add into /oadd without params to access menu list of objects
- Put into some commands into edit mode stop for new object or other edit
- Fixed a bug into menu exits causes crash server
- Fixed reload fs bugs

Rev 5:

- Fixed delete bug
- Add a menu list with all objects into sa-mp wiki by category
- Add a new menu where not are selected object into walk key

Rev 4:

- Added Support for samp 0.3 version
- Revision at all code for search and fix any bugs

Rev 3:

Commands fixed:
-/oadd - adds varios object with same name.
-/odel - crash others objects into system

System fixed:
-Save and Load system for better permorface and secure.

Download All Versions:

New Rev 6 Release - Attached file, and this others mirrors:


Rev 5 release mirrors:


Rev 4 release mirrors:


Old rev 3 release:

Old rev 3 -by Klutty:

If you found a bug or have a suggestion, please post here!
Sorry for My ENGLISH!

ДальнеВосточный † Криминал (Присоединяйся!)
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