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Модератор форума: Kievskiy  
[FS] Adminhelp
^ScAreДата: Воскресенье, 27.12.2009, 10:45 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: I'm V.I.P.
Сообщений: 695
Награды: 14
Город: Владивосток
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This is my first filterscript(Freaksken).
It's basic, but its usefull :P

You may not release this without my permission!
Don't remove credits!

It holds lists of all vehicles, weapons, weathers, RCON commands and you can add your own admincommands. :lol: (with ID's of cours, you find them between [] behind a vehicle,...)

How to install:
Add your own commands at line 59.
Compile the .pwn file and put the .amx file in your filterscripts map.
Than just add Adminhelp to the filterscriptsline in server.cfg.

How to use:
Login as RCON admin and type /adminhelp.
That's it!! :D

I know it's basic, but it was usefull for me and i thougt maybe some other people could use it.
Please comment! ;)


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