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Модератор форума: Kievskiy  
[REL] vDialog - Vehicle spawning dialog - 0.2a
^ScAreДата: Воскресенье, 27.12.2009, 10:50 | Сообщение # 1
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It's a tool for spawning vehicles ingame using a dialog, it's broken into catagories like Airplanes and Sports etc, each one is the same as you will find it on the wiki under the same catagory etc.


Just add the code to a filterscript and compile it, name it whatever you like, I've named it 'vdialog.pwn' but that doesn't matter, a compiled version is also available. Add the name of your filterscript to your server cfg and while ingame type - '/vdialog' to activate the dialog, you can then scroll and select the one you want from whichever catagory which will spawn the vehicle at your position and place you inside it (by default).


Source -> Pastebin
Filterscript source -> (pwn) - (amx)



Dilaog id: 3434 to 3449
Amx will always be compiled with the latest server build although the screenshots are from the previous builds.
Please report bugs if you find any - thanks to Abhishek for reporting the "Sparrow" bug.
For a list of vehicles names/models and information go here.

[size=13pt]Update log[/size]

In 0.1b I've added a compile option for entering vehicles you create, by default it is now switched on.
In 0.1c I've added a "Back" option to each dialog list so you can go back to the main list (catagory).
Fixed some planes spawning in the floor, I've added two units to the z axis.
In 0.1d I've included a compile option for spawn messages and fixed some key issues (thanks Y_Less, I've not read that key page before).
In 0.1e I've rewritten most of the script, optimised it so it's easier to read, added a compile option to ignore virtual worlds and now the vehicles are linked to the players interior when spawned.
In 0.1f I've added a few more compile options/configs, added vehicle activation for the dialog with a compile option and an extra spawn message, the vehicle is now created directly at your position also and the angle is fixed (no longer + 90).
In 0.2a I've removed key activation and made it command activated only (/vdialog), vehicles now have a default 'respawn_delay' of ten minutes instead of around 18 hours (lmao, my bad!!) and vehicles which are created by the dialog (only the dialog) will by default be destroyed when they respawn (requested) but there is a compile option to control this.

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