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Модератор форума: Kievskiy  
[GM] New York Roleplay
^ScAreДата: Среда, 23.12.2009, 10:44 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: I'm V.I.P.
Сообщений: 695
Награды: 14
Город: Владивосток
Репутация: 321
Замечания: 0%

My first release ever.

New York Roleplay is an edited script, based off of Carlito's Roleplay. A couple of features has been added, businesses, styles, etc.

Dynamics: The script is completely dynamic, meaning we can set every single thing that you see ingame with a simple command. No restarts needed for anything at all a part from main script changes. This makes for better roleplay experience and all round effectiveness.

Business System: Each business has a business type assigned to it, every type gets different commands, so again it will make for a better roleplay experience. Currently there are 7 types of business.

Phone Networks: Much like real life, when you get a simcard and you top it up. The money from phone calls amd text messages goes to that network. It's the same in the script, you buy phones from businesses that are phone networks and all money from calls and text messages goes straight into that businesses till. This is a feature i wanted to create from day one as i think it's great.

Advertisements: Unlike most roleplay scripts, to do an advertisement you must be in an advertisement business, there are several spread out throughout the city and are all player-owned.

Car System: I've decided not to add player-owned vehicles as of yet, it's easily done and will be added in the future if the playerbase is ok. At the moment the car system enables administrators to park vehicles, change models/colors etc. Also set factions to cars.

House System: House system is just like any other house script, you can buy,sell,rent. Only difference in mine is that you can store up to 2000 materials and 500 grams of drugs in your house. But be aware, the police can raid houses.

Faction System: Much like any other faction system, except factions can be created ingame with simple administrator commands.

Vehicle Engine System: Our vehicle engine system is very simple, like most others. Fuel will not go down in vehicles unless the engine is turned on and if the engine is turned off you will be froze until you exit the vehicle (Hit Enter) or start the vehicles engine. Fuel will go down if the vehicles engine is on and the vehicle is unoccupied, for a more realistic feel.

Vehicle Lock: We do not use vehicle params for our vehicle lock system, we use custom vehicle checks. If you lock a car, it's not only locked for everyone else besides you, it's also locked for you! If you want to unlock, you must stand beside the vehicle.

Serverside Money: This makes spawning money, IMPOSSIBLE. Which means we can be sure that all our players money was earned.

Pickup Streamer: We can have up to 30000 pickups, this makes for stability when adding large amounts of houses.

Arms Dealer: as the title suggests, you will be selling firearms if this is your job.
Drug Dealer: Your job will be to earn money supplying drugs to the city.
Detective: You will be able to find people, if they have there phones switched on.
Lawyer: You will be able to get justice for those wrongly imprisoned, and set them free.
Products Seller: You will supply products to business owners.

And more, check the script.

NYPD - New York Police Department.
Grove Street Families - Gangsters that hang around grove.
Civabello Crime Family - The mafia of New York.
NYNN - New York News Network
New York Transportation - Busses, taxi's, everything made for public transportation.
Ballas - American gangsta's.
Government - Secret base in East Beach, controls everything. Ranks President-down.
Los Aztecaz - The "spics" of New York.
Death Angels - The bikers that hang around Ganton.
Triads - Chinese mafia of New York, located near the All Saints General Hospital.

Each faction has its own set of commands, special for them.

- Phone companies - Buy a phone, use it, number changes every time.
- Poker/cards system - Buy a deck of cards at a 24/7 and play /poker with them. Become a dealer, deal cards, be a player etc.
- Secret army base down in East beach.
- Removed those buggy automatic gates, going to add new ones in the 2nd release.
- Alot more, but I don't remember.

- Original script (Carlito's Roleplay) by Norn
- CR edit (Vortex Roleplay) by Calgon
- Vortex edit (SAGC) by euRo
- New York Roleplay (SAGC edit) by Julien209 (sa-mp.com)

ALL the filterscripts credits are in their files, and are printed in the samp-server.exe file when you start up the file.

/materials buy is bugged, it just gives you the menu of /materials buy and /materials deliver.
Can be easily fixed, but I never got to it, I'll fix it in my next release, if it's needed.


Version 1:
Solidfiles: http://solidfiles.com/d/Zf5b

Version 1.1 (Mini-edit):
- NYMD (New York Medical Department) faction added.
- /heal command added for NYMD.
- Hospital interior for All Saints added. (You can use it again, just do /abusinessint)
- Alot of interiors added for businesses/houses/buildings.
- /govarrest command SUPPOSEDLY fixed (un-tested)

For NYMD, all you have to do is use a Dynamic Car adder, and add a couple of ambulances. That's all I didn't have time to do, but for you lazy saps, I'll do it later on today.

Solidfiles: http://solidfiles.com/d/slXI

Version 1.2:
- Ambulances, ranchers, maverick added to NYMD for those lazy people (You do the rest.)
- Refueling gas stations added in Idlewood and in Temple.
- Major spawnpoint changed, now if you have a house, you spawn in it. If you don't you spawn at the civilian spawn point.
- Changed from 200 dynamic vehicles to 300, you can now add alot of them (100).
(There might be a few bugs, if you spot them PLEASE pm me or post it in this thread for me to fix [OTHER THAN THE ONES I ALREADY FOUND IN THE THREAD], Thanks!)

Solidfiles: http://solidfiles.com/d/aQ2H

Version 1.2.1: (VERY MINI EDIT - ONLY .PWN FILE)
- /addnewvehicle - Instructions on how to add a dynamic vehicle.
- /gotonewvehicle - Teleports you to the vehicle spot.

NOT RECOMMENDED USE. There is already 4 spawned vehicles at the spot, that always spawn there. You can use them over and over, but if it messes up anything, I warned you, just download one of the old versions again if it messes up.

Solidfiles (ONLY .PWN): http://solidfiles.com/d/eqgP

Version 1.2.2: (0.3a R4, ALL FOLLOWING RELEASES WILL BE R4!)(Latest!)
- Upgraded to 0.3a R4 serverfiles (Latest)
- All following releases will remain R4, so we're basically switching.

!!-!! There shouldn't be any problems, if there is, post here or PM me. !!-!!

Solidfiles: http://solidfiles.com/d/yZ6G

ДальнеВосточный † Криминал (Присоединяйся!)
LUTДата: Вторник, 28.12.2010, 22:19 | Сообщение # 2
Группа: Пользователи
Сообщений: 595
Награды: 21
Город: Z
Репутация: 120
Замечания: 60%
I have oe question, who author this gamemode?

Мониторинг Я and Velix - 10%
AlexEr117Дата: Пятница, 25.05.2012, 02:16 | Сообщение # 3
Группа: Пользователи
Сообщений: 2
Награды: 0
Город: Mexico
Репутация: 0
Замечания: 0%
У меня есть вопрос, я получаю эту ошибку:

"Фатальная ошибка 111: ошибка пользователя. Прочитайте весь файл (это внизу)"

Помогите пожалуйста!

CriminalДата: Воскресенье, 15.02.2015, 15:42 | Сообщение # 4
Группа: Пользователи
Сообщений: 2
Награды: 0
Репутация: 0
Замечания: 0%
CarolineДата: Пятница, 16.06.2017, 10:01 | Сообщение # 5
Группа: Пользователи
Сообщений: 2
Награды: 0
Репутация: -6
Замечания: 0%
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