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Модератор форума: Kievskiy  
[GM] Adrenaline (Racing)
YnesloDaleKoДата: Вторник, 02.09.2008, 03:17 | Сообщение # 1
Мастер джэдай
Группа: Продвинутые
Сообщений: 2985
Награды: 24
Город: Мой маленький Амстердам
Репутация: 320
Замечания: 80%


Main Features:
-Included are 29 Races
-Support for Unlimited Races
-MTA style starting grid
-Make and save your own races in-game.
-Top5 Highscore system
-Support for air races
-Race Voting system to decide next race.

/rescueme (return to grid)
/newcar (spawns a new car for you)
/buildmode on (enter buildmode, you will not be teleported to the next race ect.)
/buildmode off (exit buildmode and return to grid)
/top5 (top5 records for this race)

Admin commands
/track [racename] (forces a track change to the map)
/pause (pauses the counting down to the next race)
/resume (resumes counting down)
/addtorotation [racename] (adds the named road to the rotation and voting)

Race Making tutorial
1) type '/buildmode on' into chat
2) Use your up+down and sprint keys to select options for WorldTime,Weather,TrackTime,Car type from the menu
3) Set the name of the race using '/set [racename]'
4) Get to the start of your race (teleporting is turned on here so you can teleport using the map, type /newcar if you lose your car)
5)Drive to a good position for the first person to start in (Grid Position: 1st) And press your FIRE button (mouse1) to save the location.
6)Drive to a good position for the second person to start in (Grid Position: 2nd) And press your FIRE button (mouse1) to save the location.
7)Drive around your planned race using FIRE (mouse1) to set checkpoints along the way
8)Once you have saved the last checkpoint (Finish line) type '/saverace'
9)If you are an admin type '/track [racename]' to load up your finished race.
10) if you are an admin and want your race to show up in rotation type '/addtorotation [racename]'

Planned Future Features
-Allow non-admins to add their races to the votes
-Some limiting of vehicle types to stick below the 70 type limit
-More vehicle options in creating races
-Add the singleplayer races
-Support for interior races
-A more advanced score tracking system
-Tools to edit finished races
-Maybe a buy menu for mods+NOS

-Don't go too crazy vehicle types, there is no limiting to stop you hitting 70 types.
-If for some reason you want the mode to change after x amount of races, edit #define RACES_TILL_MODECHANGE 0
-The track rotation is kept in racenames.txt inside your scriptfiles folder


Kynen: Highscore() code he made for me
Y_Less: Used GetXYInFrontOfPlayer() as base of Grid function
Simon: Used ConvertToSafeInput() as base for CheckSafeInput()
Dabombber: TimeConvert()
Yagu: Referenced his race filterscript early on http://forum.sa-mp.com/index.php?topic=20637.0

Any other person who crashed while on my TestServer :)

> Download Adrenaline (Racing) 1.06 by switch <

1.06 Released 30/08/07
changelog 1.06
-Changed some TextDraw code to fix crash on re-entering the server Needed for 0.2.2!
-Added #define SHOW_JOINS_PARTS comment to hide joins+parts

1.05 Released 30/08/07
changelog 1.05
-Redone textdraws for 0.2.2
-Added extra info to racing textdraw showing how many current racers (/5, /12 ect)

1.04 Released 29/08/07
changelog 1.04
-Fixed inconsistencies between /newcar and /nc
-Fixed a bug that would allow you to use a buildcar during a race.
-Allowed unlimited newcars in buildmode

1.03 Released 28/08/07
changelog 1.03
-Re-done vehicle spawning system; Greatly reduced the frequency of crashing.
-Changed the way buildmenus are created, should fix votemenu's from not showing
-Allows a limit of spare cars each race to be set (default 2)
-Each race set in a new virtualworld
-Race builders are given their own virtual world.
-Added more vehicles to buildmenu
-Newly built races are added to "buildlog.txt" along with creator name and date.

1.02 Released - 05/06/07
changelog 1.02
-Fixed /top5 command
-Fixed textDraw timer for linux servers

1.01 Released - 30/06/07
changelog 1.01
-Fixed grid starting in race: Speeder
-Fixed grid starting in race: Reckless
-Improved grid placing code (player sorting now done by quicksort)
-Fixed bug: Menu's were not being destroyed, causing them to reach the limit.
-Fixed bug: The next race countdown doesn't get shortened to 30 seconds until ALL players have finished
-Players now don't see voting menu after the next track has been decided
-/newcar command will now instantly give them a car if they aren't currently in one (dunno why i took this out)

Хочу быть кем-то потому, что кто-то это уже кто-то. А никто всегда остаётся никем. SAMP форева. SAMP-RUS живёт!
Все играть в SAMP быстро!

Сообщение отредактировал MiX - Вторник, 02.09.2008, 03:17
SchwazzzДата: Воскресенье, 23.08.2009, 11:40 | Сообщение # 2
Группа: Продвинутые
Сообщений: 101
Награды: 6
Город: London
Репутация: -56
Замечания: 100%
Yeah, thats cool gamemode, one of my favourites. Once upon time I played on the server with this gamemode for 5 hours in a row! Also, I like making my own races.

Fan of DepositFiles
s0beit_m0d team member
А ещё я наркоман, господа.
Я люблю то, что я делаю, а делаю я то, что умею.
RegenerationДата: Вторник, 25.08.2009, 19:10 | Сообщение # 3
Группа: Продвинутые
Сообщений: 50
Награды: 1
Город: Винипухия
Репутация: 2
Замечания: 0%
One of the first mods in my life :D

Unimportant life

SchwazzzДата: Пятница, 28.08.2009, 20:42 | Сообщение # 4
Группа: Продвинутые
Сообщений: 101
Награды: 6
Город: London
Репутация: -56
Замечания: 100%
Yeah, that's cool.

Fan of DepositFiles
s0beit_m0d team member
А ещё я наркоман, господа.
Я люблю то, что я делаю, а делаю я то, что умею.
KlaymenДата: Понедельник, 31.08.2009, 12:24 | Сообщение # 5
Группа: Пользователи
Сообщений: 27
Награды: 1
Город: Екатеринбург
Репутация: 0
Замечания: 0%
AlcoBOT, u r right - looking like mta style.
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